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Frequently Asked Questions, Diligent Answers and Meaningful Concepts offered to Business Owners

Will a GoshGO website contribute to my immediate success?

Does a phone, or fax machine or brochure? Come on now.... think about having your business properly advertised to a worldwide audience of potential new clients. Of course, having a GoshGO website or two will assist you with succeeding.

Who is GoshGO ?

GoshGO consists of a small team of tech and digital strategists with extensive experience in digital engineering, digital marketing, and online sales. Each team member has an expertise which binds us together for your use.

With a combined 30 years’ experience, we act as your consultants, idea generators and tech advisors will the sole purpose of building your business organically and inexpensively. Do not expect us to be cheap, but we are inexpensive. Know the difference between the two? Just ask. You will find us easy to work with, generous with our time and will work tirelessly to assist you with your endeavors.

Are GoshGO 's websites Reactive, Robust and Mobile Friendly?

You bet they are! Having your own specialized GoshGO website gives your business invaluable advantages over the traditional modes of advertising. There are at least 100 reasons why you should market business via a unique website or more. We will teach and mentor you all about offering cutting edge web pages. This is what we do. This is what you will get.

To communicate with a GoshGO Strategist, please email or call, 888-702-0997

Are GoshGo websites accessible from anywhere?

Yes, they are – absolutely! GoshGO websites are designed to work on all devises and from any location in the world.

Will my business have greater possibilities to increase its organic market share and branding?

Your website is your brand and identity. Your potential clients will reach you more through a well-constructed and positioned website than you could do on your own. There are no limitations as far as space, time, geographic location, or languages are concerned. You can say as many things as you want, use search engines to interpret or add languages to as many potential clients as you need.

Think of your GoshGO website(s) and you 24/7 support service and salesforce. While you are busy or asleep rest assured your GoshGO website(s) will be working full time.

How do I email your Office?

Simple. To communicate with a developer at the GoshGO office, please send us an email by tapping here.

I How Do I speak with GoshGO ?

Hmmm. Like you would anyone else! Please pick up your telephone and dial 888-702-0997. Or, if you are on a mobile device simply tap on the telephone number at the top of this or any other page on our website.

Are GoshGO websites and digital marketing services expensive?

No, we are not expensive and in fact we offer numerous budget programs that work. Our services are designed to meet the needs of our clients. We are not expensive and in fact are inexpensive for what you get. Our organic digital services will cost you less in the long run than any pay for advertising you may be engaged in or are considering.

Do GoshGO websites and services ever stop?

No web services are 24/7 and do not stop unless there are variables out of our control such as a pandemic, riots, flooding, or severe weather. We are always working, and our systems are backed up with secondary power sources as well as maintaining a 100% secure data center.

Do GoshGO Websites Save Time?

Yes of course they do. New business clients can learn about you and your services when visiting your website. You do not have to be present when someone visits your site. The time and energy you would have to spend speaking with someone is entirely replaced with a website, email address, text, and chat function we will provide you. We aim to make your more productive and successful with modern day tools.

What about saving money? Can I save?

You can save a lot of money you would have otherwise spent on print ads, brochures, coupons, flyers, specials, buses, billboards, radio, newsletters, or mailings. You can even save money by building low cost niche websites or landing pages for reasonable fees.

When you communicate with GoshGO, do not forget to ask us about this. Because we offer great savings, you can have many websites and really dig into the trenches of the internet where you potential clients are shopping around! We are here to assist with updating the information on your existing website or building new websites and keeping everything efficient and at minimum cost.

Where should I start?

To get some indication of how immediate your need for a website is, go to any search engine and type in key words relating to your services and in your area. You most likely will find some of your competitors. Perhaps you may find some or none of them have web sites yet? Lucky you – if that is true, you have not only got some breathing space; you also have a good shot at being the first to attract and develop new clients. Oh, perhaps you found your competitors and already have web sites? May we recommend you Get to work -- and fast! We can and will rank your website and overall presence on the Internet better that theirs.

Why should I use GoshGO online digital services?

We get you strategic placement and exposure to the world and a fraction of the cost. GoshGO helps grow your business and gets you new clients and services! Through the use of our proprietary technology, custom websites and our extensive marketing experience you will have an opportunity to control your own destiny and not be dependent upon someone else who really doesn’t have an ounce of personalization our true interest in your needs. We do.

How Does GoshGO work with its clients?

We are basically a one stop solution to all your organic lead generation aspirations. We work closely with each of our clients and create a custom plan of action that fits their exact needs. We take care of everything so they [you] can get on with what you do best or prefer to do.

When you become a GoshGO client, you will benefit from numerous and unlimited marketing services such as, but not limited to, monitoring your business vs competitors; hosting your website(s) to assure maximum up time, conduct monthly audits of your performance and placement within your profession / industry and advise you on a weekly basis. We like to listen and react; we like to build, and secure business plans and we love to help clients. To answer this question, we work closely and relentlessly.

What is a GoshGO Niche website and marketing plan?

It is addressing an extremely specific area of a business and its offerings. It could be a specific service in a city or can be a narrow range of services designed to target. Niche website marketing places direct emphasis on creating destinations for business owners seeking to offer your specific services within a geographic area.

Targeted niche websites differ from traditional Internet marketing as they have specialized placement services unlike others. Our niche marketing websites provide end users with focused information, and allows your business to be local but with specific services within select geographic areas.

What is GoshGO 's Micro-Site Program about?

GoshGO strategists created small and robust 3 - 4 page websites by the hundreds each week. We create these unique landing pages for clients who are seeking to educate potential clients with up to date information regarding services and products. each site is dedicated to high quality content, relevant information and ease of use for all visitors. The concept for these sites is simple, to get potential clients and more traffic to your pages and invite them to your main website.

How do I get started?

Simple. Call GoshGO at 888-702-0997 or email us

What do I get after I hire you?

You get a lot. You have professional eyes and minds watching over your digital world. We will be constantly making sure your plan of action is implemented and working well. You should expect a higher level of client / customer activities as we place a greater amount of emphasis on your business in many more locations than you ever had.

How much do GoshGO digital websites and marketing services cost?

We are inexpensive. Costs are determined by what you need and what your budget is. Custom fit, custom fees, and uniquely developed strategies all at affordable pricing. We will work on a cost-efficient plan for you and keep your costs to a minimum. Please allow us to answer your question it greater detail after we have your free hour consultation. Why Should I hire GoshGO for website and digital marketing services?

We are unrelenting & passionate about results. We have been assisting clients with hitting marketing home runs since 2003, and we have a proven success track record.

What are some of your unique service offerings?

First, custom built websites are uniquely developed exclusively for our clients. No two sites are the same and we create custom functions for our clients. What makes us unique is our ability to handle all your needs from within our office. We can speak with you or respond to your inquiries fast. We are Google certified consultants and contributors with more experience and knowledge about google than 99% of the world. Why Google? Well, they represent over 88% or the worlds traffic and they have set the bar for excellence higher than any other search engine.

We follow google guidelines and adhere to all their best practices policies. As such, google loves our websites and so will your new or existing clients. Over 90 % of our clients have a website yet have little or no traction or new business coming from their website due to noncompliance, outdated technology and quite frankly incompetence.

Where does GoshGO offer their services?

We are an American based enterprise. We offer our services to anyone and anywhere in the world. Though we reserved the right to not offer our services to businesses who appear to be prejudicial, biased, bigoted, lacking moral character and or for any reasons we deem inappropriate. We are; however, widely experienced and capable of providing the best web and lead generations services without any geographic boundary provided its not competitive with an existing client. 

GoshGO services are provided to anyone with a vision of growing their business. Our digital footprint and branding services can target small specific areas, or we can expand to many places anywhere you want without any borders. Whether you are seeking a small targeted area, one or multiple states or perhaps the entire country, we will discuss your endeavors, make recommendations, and offer you significant ideas of epic proportions.

What Does GoshGO Website Maintenance Mean?

Maintenance is an essential service we provide monthly. It is a technical service that takes behind the scenes and involves clearing the server of its unnecessary data, cached files and to refresh how the server and site are functioning. This service would be the equivalent of you cleaning out all bedroom closets and the kitchen cabinets of your residence each month. This critical proactive service is one of the many services we provide behind the scene to keep your website up and running 24/7 and at its highest level of functionality and usability.

Questions not frequently asked but we will tell you anyway

No contracts. Why?

GoshGO wants to earn your trust and be part of your success. Your success is our success. We want to be reasonable, flexible, and there for you during the good and the challenging times. We do not believe in contracts unless it is you who suggests we do.

Can I trust you?

Definitely. GoshGO employees reputable Strategists who have impeccable reputations. Interestingly, throughout our combined careers, none of us have ever been sued, had a formal complaint filed against us nor have we had issues with unsatisfied clients. We offer integrity and transparency and are all in - all the time. Like yours, our reputation is the cornerstone of what we do and how we operate.

Do you offer Exclusivity?

GoshGO's seasoned digital marketing Strategists personally manage our clients' business. We never hand off our clients to marketing “coordinators” or interns like other agencies do.

You do not have a sales team?

Nope. GoshGO is a small team of Strategists and Developers who are not trying to sell you anything. We encourage our clients to consider tapping into our experience and using our proven methods of success services. We are not looking to sell you anything. We view ourselves as consultants and will only offer you ideas and services that will work for you. Overall, our services work and generate its own leads. Shouldn’t that be what you are looking for in a lead generation company?

To communicate with a developer at the GoshGO office, please send us an email by tapping here.